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The SUPERFOOD DELI is a mission-based company, we try to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Be part of this sustainable movement.

OUR MISSION is to inspire people to make choices that are good for their health and our planet.


WE LOVE serving you raw, fresh, natural, handmade and plant-based bowls, of course in the highest quality available.


WE CARE ABOUT food, animals and mother nature. We use plastic-free and biodegradable packaging.


OUR INGREDIENTS are clean, organic and cruelty-free. 

WE NEVER use chemicals, additives, preservatives or stabilizers.


HELP US to spread this movement. Be part of our mission to make this world a better place.

#foryou #fortheanimals #formothernature 


INSPIRE your friends & family by sharing your #sfd moment and tagging us on Instagram & Facebook: #superfooddeli @superfooddeli #betterbowlsbetterfuture


We value the lives of all living beings and respect this planet deeply. Let's make the world a better place, let's reduce or even stop eating our animal friends, let's eat more fruits and veggies, let's eat more high quality nutrients and vitamins rather than dead bodies, fats and acids. It's our responsibility towards mother earth and the future generations. 


By eating açaí you automatically help saving the rainforest. Due to high açaí demand it's a lot more lucrative for the farmers to sell the berries than wood clearing for soy production or animal agriculture. In other words: the açaí palm trees are too valuable to be cut down. That sounds great, right?

All our products are plant-based, plastic-free and eco-friendly. Eating at Superfood Deli is the easiest way to help protecting the rainforest & mother nature.  


We are two friends named Filip and Peter. The Superfood Deli is the result of our passion for sustainable, plant-based, organic and cruelty-free products. We love açaí and smoothie bowls, but simply couldn't find a place in Vienna satisfying our demand for high quality, organic produce and plastic-free packaging. 

2016 we decided to open Vienna's first premium quality açaí & healthy lifestyle bowl eatery, luckily our relatives from Brazil helped us with the recipe for the perfect açaí blend. Enjoying authentic Brazilian açaí bowls in Vienna is no longer just a dream.

We are very thankful for each support of our small family-run business.


Filip & Peter

Download now: the brand-new Superfood Deli app,

the easiest way to pre-order, save time & skip the line. 

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